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'Double Chin Injection' Now Available at Dallas Dermatology Center

KYBELLA®, the FDA-approved fat reduction treatment nicknamed the "double chin injection," is now offered at the Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics.

Dallas, Texas (July 2015) — The Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics ( is the first medical provider of KYBELLA in the region, now offering the FDA-approved treatment known as the "double chin injection."

"Our clinic is one of the first in Dallas and the nation to offer KYBELLA, a game-changing treatment for men and women who are self-conscious about their double chins," Dr. Lori Stetler says. "It is pretty amazing to think that injections are now all that is needed to dissolve fat below the chin."

Dr. Stetler, a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Dallas, TX for more than 20 years, was among the first physicians in the U.S. to be designated as a trainer for KYBELLA shots. She says KYBELLA is already becoming one of the most-requested treatments at her practice even though it just came on the market.

"It's a little rare to see this kind of enthusiasm for a treatment that's only been available for a month or so," Dr. Stetler says. "It's an excellent alternative for individuals bothered by double chins who don't want to undergo plastic surgery."

KYBELLA works by using a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule produced naturally by the body that assists in the absorption and processing of dietary fat. When injected into the fat below the chin, called submental fat, it destroys the fat cells. A treatment session involves multiple injections, and several treatments are needed to see optimal results.

"Many patients see some results after 2 to 4 treatment sessions," says Dr. Kristel Polder, another dermatologist at the practice. "Up to 6 sessions may be needed in certain cases. The treatments are spaced about a month apart."

Some aesthetic professionals believe KYBELLA has the potential to become as popular as BOTOX® Cosmetic, which the Dallas dermatologists say wouldn't be surprising at this rate.

"A safe, effective non-surgical treatment that reduces a double chin is an important aesthetic advance because it addresses a really stubborn area of fat that resists diet and exercise," Dr. Stetler says.

She says good candidates need to have relatively elastic skin that can "bounce back" after the underlying fat is gone.

The procedure is now available at the practice on Preston Road, and Dr. Stetler and Dr. Polder encourage those who are interested to call (214) 631-7546(214) 631-7546 for an appointment.

Visit our Dallas center to find out if KYBELLA treatments are right for you. Request a consultation online or call (214) 631-7546(214) 631-7546. When you schedule a consultation for cosmetic procedures, you will also receive a customized "Total Skin Rejuvenation" plan to help you achieve your best complexion.

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