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Our Fall Favorites for Skin Protection and Facial Rejuvenation

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It’s no secret that skin’s needs change with time. We usually think of it in terms of age: The acne cleanser you used in your teens may be too harsh for you in your 20s, and the basic moisturizer you used in your 30s may not give you the anti-aging hydration you want in your 40s and beyond. Over time, your skin may become less responsive to your usual go-to treatments.

As a dermatologist here in Dallas, Texas, age is certainly an important consideration when I develop skincare treatment plans for patients. I’ve gained a lot of meaningful insights over the years simply from seeing patients at different ages and stages of life.

But in addition to the changes that come with each passing decade, the changing seasons bring their own challenges and considerations for your skincare. Hot, dry summers give way to cooler (still dry) winds in the fall.

Some things are important all year long, like moisturizing and protecting your skin from the ever-present and ever-damaging UV rays. But some things become more important seasonally. Here are a few of my favorite treatments for the fall.

SkinCeuticals® C E Ferulic®: It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to call this product a cult favorite among physicians, beauty editors, and just about everyone who uses it. This potent serum contains generous amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid to fight back against free radicals and protect skin from future environmental damage.

It may sound exotic, but ferulic acid is found in the seeds of many familiar fruits, including your everyday apples and oranges. Available in our online store, C E Ferulic deserves a place in your medicine cabinet.

Why it matters in the fall: Honestly, any time is a good time for this product, but the blend of antioxidants and free-radical-fighting vitamins can help fade dark spots that may have emerged from prolonged sun exposure over the summer.

SkinMedica® HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: Also available for purchase in our office or our online store, HA5 is so much more than an everyday moisturizer. It contains a generous dose of hyaluronic acid, which is essential to helping skin maintain balanced, healthy moisture. Over time, regular use of HA5 can even help your skin make its own moisture.

Why it matters in the fall: Regular moisturization is important throughout the year, but the transitional seasons can be especially hard on skin as it adjusts to the changing weather. Daily hydration is a great way to help skin keep up with the seasons.

Clear + Brilliant®: This superficial laser tackles many of the most common skin complaints with a single versatile device. Its gentle resurfacing properties reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin’s texture, and reduce the appearance of sun damage to give almost anyone more beautiful skin.

Why fall works well: The unforgiving summer sun is transitioning to a slightly more forgiving autumn sun. That means the most intense rays of the year are nearly behind us, and it’s the perfect time to undo the sun damage.

KYBELLA®: In a class of its own, KYBELLA is the only injectable product that’s currently FDA-approved to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Its active ingredient safely dissolves fat without affecting nearby tissues, reducing the bothersome bulge and adding definition to the jawline.

Why fall is a good time for treatment: Some patients do experience redness and minor swelling after a KYBELLA treatment. Now that the days aren’t quite as hot, that means it’s a bit less conspicuous to hide those side effects under heavier clothing.

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