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The holiday season is well under way, but you might still have a few people to check off your shopping list. We’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that radiant, vibrant skin is always a smart gift idea. With a $200 gift card, you can also give them the power to choose their path to rejuvenation: Maybe they’ll put it all toward a BOTOX® treatment at our Dallas office; maybe they’ll spread it out among some skin care products on the online store.

$200 Goes a Long Way

Pick Up a Few Bestsellers

Try Our Staff Favorites

Put It Toward a Treatment Session

There’s $50 for You, Too

And because you’ve been working hard to make all the people on your list happy, we thought we’d add a little something so that you can treat yourself. For every $200 gift card purchased this month, we’re also sending an additional $50 gift card — absolutely free. Spend it however you like.

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