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KYBELLA®: A Simple Solution to Reduce Your Double Chin

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The fat responsible for creating a double chin has a way of sticking around in spite of our best efforts to lose weight. Many patients at our cosmetic dermatology practice in Dallas say they’ve shed weight throughout their bodies but watched in disappointment as their double chins persisted. This can be extremely frustrating—especially in the age of selfies. When healthy lifestyle changes don’t reduce under-chin (submental) fat, KYBELLA offers a nonsurgical option to target this specific area once and for all.

KYBELLA is an FDA-approved injectable product that works in a fascinating way. Its active ingredient is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a chemical that’s produced naturally in the human digestive system. In our bodies, the purpose of deoxycholic acid is to break down fat in the foods we eat, making them easier for our bodies to process. When administered to unwanted fat beneath the skin, KYBELLA works in a similar way—essentially dissolving fat so that the body can metabolize and dispose of it.

For many men and women, KYBELLA is the ideal solution for removing submental fat because it doesn’t require a more invasive procedure such as liposuction.

Treatment with KYBELLA is a bit different than treatment with other types of injectables. We generally use a topical anesthetic beneath the chin, which maintains your comfort from start to finish. We then make injections in a specific pattern beneath the chin. This ensures a smooth, even result. Your appointment can last for about 1 hour. Afterward, you can return to your regular daily activities as normal.

In the hours after your appointment, the area beneath your chin will begin to respond to the KYBELLA injections. Most patients report redness, tenderness, and mild swelling for a couple of days after treatment. These symptoms are usually easily managed through occasional cold compresses, and discoloration can be covered with makeup. Although these side effects may be mildly uncomfortable, they are also something of a perk. When your body moves into healing mode, it stimulates the production of new collagen. The addition of new collagen improves your skin’s condition, tightening and thickening it at the injection sites. The benefit are twofold: less fat beneath your chin and improved skin tone in the treatment area.

KYBELLA works best when it’s administered over a series of appointments, usually spaced about 1 month apart. However, each appointment is relatively brief and will usually fit in nicely with the flow of everyday life. With time, the targeted fat cells begin to dissolve and are naturally removed from your body. As your treatments progress, you’ll likely notice improved definition on your chin and jawline. Evidence demonstrates that KYBELLA results can actually be permanent because when the fat cells are destroyed and removed, they don’t generally regenerate.

To learn more about how KYBELLA can help reduce your double chin, request a consultation online or call our office at (214) 631-7546.



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