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This Summer, Make Every Angle Your Best One

Model in bikini and sun hat holding slice of watermelon

Can you feel the beginnings of summer’s heat in the air yet? If you’re dreaming of a beach vacation or simply starting to think about what the season will bring for you and your family, it’s also the right time to consider how you’ll plan to look your best this year. KYBELLA® here at our Dallas practice may be just the thing to get you ready for summer.

For many of our patients, the dog days are some of the busiest of the year. Younger kids are out of school, and older ones may be graduating and heading off to college. There are vacations to book, parties to plan, gifts to buy — and plenty of photos being taken along the way. Whether this year’s big event is a getaway, graduation, wedding, or something else, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to look back on the day and feel great about yourself.

KYBELLA is an injectable product that uses an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid to dissolve unwanted fat just beneath the skin, and it’s specifically designed for the treatment of a double chin. Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in the body as a way to break down dietary fat. When it’s isolated in KYBELLA injections, the deoxycholic acid works to break down fat cells under the chin.

Best of all: This minimally invasive procedure allows you to resume your regular activities right after your appointment is over and enjoy your results indefinitely. With KYBELLA, every angle can be your best angle.

Of course, KYBELLA isn’t the only way to get some facial rejuvenation in time for summer. Summer is also the time to look beach-body ready with CoolSculpting®.

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