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KYBELLA®’s Popularity With Men Is Booming

Handsome man in dress shirt and blue tie

Since its FDA approval, KYBELLA has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity. As dermatologists, we’ve seen it firsthand at our Dallas, Texas office. It’s easy to see why: This injectable treatment dissolves fat beneath the chin, effectively eliminating a double chin and giving patients attractive, defined jawlines that look great at any angle.

What may be more surprising, though, is that its popularity isn’t limited to women. Men want their double chins gone, too, and the treatment seems to be very alluring for them.

Why Men?

The New York Post sought to answer this question and reached out to several doctors and patients to talk about KYBELLA. As they report, being self-conscious about a “turkey neck” is something that we all have in common. They do note that men in corporate office environments tend to be the ones who opt for the procedure in the biggest numbers — and the major impetus is their business casual dress codes. A button-down shirt with a tight collar and a tie work together to bunch up the excess skin and fat in a way that’s as uncomfortable as it is unflattering.

KYBELLA serves as a nonsurgical way to be rid of that nuisance, with no visible scarring or other indications that you’ve “had work done.”

Another reason often cited by men going “under the needle” is that KYBELLA adds jawline definition as it gradually reduces the appearance of a double chin. A strong, chiseled jaw is one of the most sought-after aesthetic features of the male face, and KYBELLA offers a minimally invasive, effective way to bring it out.

Why Now?

The main reason behind KYBELLA’s success is simple: It’s the only alternative to what used to be a much more cumbersome process. Before KYBELLA, patients with unwanted fat under the chin needed to have liposuction in that area to remove the fat — and that’s a surgical procedure. By comparison, KYBELLA provides a much smaller investment of time (and money).

If You Decide to Get KYBELLA

If you’re looking to say farewell to your own double chin fat, there are a few things you should know. First, it works gradually. KYBELLA injections work to reduce unwanted fat by putting a chemical called deoxycholic acid to work. In its natural form, deoxycholic acid aids in the breakdown of dietary fat. When injected under the chin, it breaks down fat there, as well. This triggers the natural removal of those cells by the body, and that takes a few weeks to come to fruition.

Second, the recovery: Well, there really isn’t one. Patients who get KYBELLA injections are free to resume their daily activities right away. Redness and swelling are common side effects, though, so it’s important to keep that in mind when timing your future appointment.

Whether you’re already familiar with cosmetic surgery options or you’re just beginning to research the right treatments for you, KYBELLA is a great way to treat one of the peskiest aesthetic concerns among men and women alike. Contact us to learn more about what’s possible for you.


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