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Partnering HydraFacial MD for BEST results

The HydraFacial MD system paired together with Clear and Brilliant, Fraxel Restore and other procedures will lead you to nothing but great results!

The HydraFacial system and Clear and Brilliant are ideal treatments for every patient. Both systems can be used on any skin type, any age, anytime of the year. (Best results without sun exposure)

There is no downtime from either treatment so they are the perfect pair.

HydraFacial works to cleanse and exfoliate down to the stratum corneum. It vacuums dirt, oil and debris from the pores  and infuses protective antioxidants back into the skin to bathe , nourish and protect the barrier. HydraFacial is essential to clear away the impurities and rehydrate the skin and reduce inflammation prior to any other treatment or surgery.

The Clear and Brilliant system targets water in the skin and works at a superficial level to create microscopic holes in the skin to open the micro channels for deeper product penetration and stimulation of the collagen. It helps to further strengthen the tissue and maintain a beautiful glow with overall results of pigment reduction, tighter pores , more even tone and texture.

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