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Reach Your Fitness Goals With EMSCULPT®

A woman does sit-ups to reach her fitness goals before learning about EMSCULPT.

Some people have the wrong idea that nonsurgical fat reduction treatments are a shortcut to avoid exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the noninvasive procedures such as EMSCULPT and CoolSculpting® we offer at Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics complement an active lifestyle.

Women and men who exercise regularly and are in good overall shape may still find themselves frustrated with certain areas of their bodies, where excess fat tends to accumulate. These trouble spots seem to defy healthy eating habits and consistent workouts, so people turn to our dermatology practice in Dallas for help.

EMSCULPT takes the connection between these nonsurgical body contouring treatments and exercise to another level by both burning fat and improving muscle tone. It’s the first and only FDA-cleared, noninvasive body-shaping procedure that addresses both of those concerns.

How Can EMSCULPT Build Muscle?

EMSCULPT uses breakthrough technology to stimulate repeated contractions of the abdominal muscles in a way that someone couldn’t do voluntarily. How many contractions? A 30-minute EMSCULPT treatment produces the equivalent of about 20,000 sit-ups. You may be a bit sore afterward, but the results are worth it.

How Does EMSCULPT Reduce Fat?

Building muscle and burning fat go hand in hand. When we do sit-ups, for example, our bodies release chemicals that signal fat cells in the area to break down and release free fatty acids. The secret of EMSCULPT is that it creates a large number of fatty acids that overwhelm the fat cells, resulting in their death. After the cells die, the body metabolizes and removes them.

You may notice some slimming and tighter muscles after one treatment, but we recommend 4 to 6 sessions spaced a few days apart to really see the benefits of EMSCULPT. Even though every patient is different, many people see a 15% increase in muscle development after 4 treatments.

Is EMSCULPT for You?

As you can probably guess, the best candidates for EMSCULPT treatments are women and men who want to increase muscle tone and definition in areas where exercise alone hasn’t resulted in meeting their goals. EMSCULPT addresses the abdomen and buttocks. You’ll notice feeling stronger in your core and fit more comfortably into a snug pair of jeans.

If you’re curious about how EMSCULPT can help you meet your fitness goals, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (214) 631-7546 to schedule an appointment.


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