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Show Off Your New Year’s Resolution With CoolSculpting®

Women from back flexing arms to show off back muscles

The holidays are over, and that means millions of us will be getting back into a fitness routine to work off those extra helpings of mashed potatoes, cookies, and [insert your own holiday weakness here]. All those trips to the gym, runs around the neighborhood, or Vinyasa Flow classes at your local yoga studio really are building muscles — but sometimes stubborn pockets of fat stick around, hiding all of your hard work.

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. This time of year, our dermatologists tell our Dallas, Texas, patients to think of CoolSculpting as the way to reveal the progress you’re already making and reward yourself for your dedication.

Putting The Finishing Touches On

CoolSculpting gets more and more versatile with each passing year. Thanks to new applicators and innovations, we can now recommend CoolSculpting as a way to remove unwanted fat on even the “non-pinchable” areas, such as the thighs and the arms. And that’s in addition to its widely accepted effectiveness on the abdomen, love handles, lower back, and other areas.

In other words, no matter which muscle groups you’re working, CoolSculpting can put the finishing touches on your plan to get in shape, helping you show off the progress you’ve made.

Turning Your Resolution Into a Lifestyle

Every year, we all come out of the gate with a renewed zeal for living healthier — and then life has a way of slowly slinking back to the way it was. Why? For most of us, it’s an issue of priorities: Working out gets lost in the shuffle because we don’t stick with it long enough to convert it from a new thing into a habit.

In that sense, you can think of CoolSculpting as the way to push yourself into really committing to staying active and healthy. With CoolSculpting, you’re making an investment in the body you want to have — and it’s an investment you’ll need to work to keep. For many patients, it gives them the perfect incentive to get serious about nutrition and fitness.

Getting Started

Every CoolSculpting patient has questions about the treatment, and we always do our best to answer them all thoroughly during your consultation. No two consultations are exactly alike, but we have learned how to quickly assess your individual concerns and make you as comfortable as possible for treatment. For most treatment areas (including symmetrical areas, such as both love handles), we can have you in and out of a treatment session in as little as an hour.

To learn more about CoolSculpting at our practice, please contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule your consultation.

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