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No Time to Waste? Skin Treatments for Instant Gratification

No Time to Waste? Skin Treatments for Instant Gratification

Sometimes, loving the skin you’re in can be a frustrating process. You drink enough water, you wear sunscreen, you may even maintain a great at-home skincare regimen—but there’s still something missing.

Many of our most popular skincare procedures are in high demand because they offer instant (or nearly instant) gratification—no waiting around, no downtime, no checking the mirror while you wait on the results. Keep reading to discover why like Clear + Brilliant®, lip and dermal fillers, and BOTOX® Cosmetic are so beloved by our Dallas patients.

Clear + Brilliant

This fractional laser device serves as a great introduction to laser procedures. Fractional lasers are in a special class of devices that use tiny pinpoints of light energy. These pinpoints allow the laser to stimulate collagen development and reduce symptoms like discoloration—without significantly damaging the skin or requiring a long recuperation.

Clear + Brilliant is especially effective at tackling many of the early signs of aging, staving off the need for more invasive procedures later on. It’s a favorite for reducing brown spots, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, and enlarged pores—and its skin brightening benefits can be seen almost immediately after the treatment, with further development taking place over the next few days.

Lip Filler

Give your pout a little oomph with a quick lip filler treatment. Most commonly achieved with JUVÉDERM®, lip filler adds youthful, sexy shape and volume to your lips for an immediate improvement that can last for many months. It’s also great for erasing those annoying little lines around the mouth.

While there will be some temporary swelling and redness, these symptoms normally go away in a day or so, revealing beautiful, well-proportioned lips. WebMD explains a bit more about what to expect with a lip filler treatment.

BOTOX Cosmetic

While not a true instant gratification procedure (results usually show up within a week to two weeks), the enduring popularity of BOTOX has earned it a spot on this list. Once the results of BOTOX do appear, they can stick around between 4 and 6 months. BOTOX is a trusted option for men and women who want to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles on the upper face—primarily forehead lines and crow’s feet—that are caused by movement.

Dermal Fillers

Is there anything these products can’t do? Hardly! Dermal fillers deserve a second mention on this list for their ability to fade lines and improve volume–nearly anywhere it’s needed. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC and SCULPTRA® are favorites for adding volume in hollow areas of the face, creating youthful contours that look great from any angle.

JUVÉDERM® and RESTYLANE®, on the other hand, are effective in treating tear troughs—the area beneath the eyes. Depressed tear troughs can lead to the appearance of dark circles, thanks to shadows. With skillful administration, these products can reduce those shadows and bring new life to your face.

See for yourself what kind of results you can enjoy in short order when you browse our photo gallery. When you’re ready, we welcome you to contact us to learn more or even to schedule your first appointment.

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